Winter Programs at the Idea Foundry

Winter Programs at the Idea Foundry

Rebecca Gimblett

Nov 26th, 2018


When November 1st arrived, I began receiving all the class dates for the coming quarter - December to February and a few March and April dates too if the instructor was feeling particularly available to commit that far ahead.

Being new to this position, this was my first time properly engaging with the full list of class dates moving forward. And as scary as it can be to receive 40 or so emails in a very short amount of time, it’s also extremely rewarding to see the eagerness of our amazing instructors.

In our Winter Quarter, we have 83 different classes available for you to take with about 35 different instructors sharing their time and knowledge. Most classes have a few different time slots, so if you can’t make one date, more than likely we will be able to pop you into the next one!

Here are some of the classes that I’m particularly proud of this Winter Quarter.


We have a ton of fun, new classes to offer you:

Beginner Bookbinding with Daniel Colvin is a particularly fun class that I had the ability to take in its beta format before it was open to the public. Daniel makes the history and art of paper-crafting very accessible for all members of the class and for quite a reasonable price, you leave the class with a fully bound 52-page blank notebook to use.

Music Production: Beginner Sampling and Field Recording, taught by Kevin Cardoso, will give students the ability to play around with sounds, especially found sounds in our everyday lives. The student will also learn all about basic music production gear and how to turn sounds into samples and then into music.

Website In A Day – everyone knows that having a website is a required edge when trying to move ahead with sharing your art or business ideas. We’ve wanted a class that could teach folks who might not be internet savvy or have had issues with trying to set up a website with Squarespace or another hosting service. This class takes away a lot of that fear and breaks down the basic information that you need to share and how to do it.


The Idea Foundry has created a new class listing venue and brought a whole new tool area back online this Quarter.

Metal Shop Classes – we have a new staff instructor, Rachel Schutt, who is a wonderful addition to the team. She is an extremely talented and patient instructor and I’ve been very lucky to have taken several classes with her. She’s excited to start working with our other current metal instructors to bring our metal shop to life; we now teach a class on our metal lathe which is considered the ‘mother of machine tools’, we also have some new welding classes and a new metal shop orientation.

Youth’s Programs and Classes – I wrote a whole other blog post about our partnership with the Super Art League which you can read about here but partnering with them has allowed us to create a whole dedicated venue on our website specifically for children’s classes – we have the full Maker Kids program, a children’s electronics class and a Parent and Child woodturning class currently. It is a very common question I get asked – whether we have classes for kids in our certain tool areas – so keep an eye on this space as it grows!


Some older awesome classes have returned to our listings:

Glass Cutting and Grinding Orientation with instructor Shannon Cherry has been off our books for the summer but is now back with fierceness! I was very lucky to have been able to use the Glass Cutter at our Ten-Year Anniversary Party to make some gorgeous planters out of recycled beer bottles and this has given me a new appreciation for this valuable and versatile tool.

Beginner Electronics: Mini Speaker: Kevin Cardoso is hitting the calendar hard this year and has brought back his very popular Mini Speaker class. In this class, which I haven’t taken yet but I’m dying to, you solder your own mini speaker and use some beautiful recycled cigar boxes as a housing unit for it. This is a great beginner class for anyone who is interested in learning about electronics and makes a useful project, or a thoughtful gift, also.

Trotec Laser Orientation – our Trotec Laser was down for about a month and a half due to a broken tube of some sort, but we now have it fixed and therefore our Trotec Laser classes are now back on our calendar and ready for you to book. We have a basic orientation on cutting and engraving on the laser and an orientation on the rotary tool for the laser.

I look forward to taking classes with you all this winter, and I especially look forward to showing you what we have planned for our Spring Quarter.

Stay tuned! -Rebecca