Our Mission

Our Mission

Casey McCarty

Oct 2nd, 2018

We debuted our new mission statement--indeed our first-ever formal mission statement--at August’s Town Hall event, but for those who are new to us or didn’t attend, I’d like to re-share here:

“We propel Makers towards the future of work through safe and approachable lifelong learning experiences and meaningful connection to tools, technology, and community.”

The Future of Work

Work is such a significant portion of our life, both in time and in satisfaction.  Our community seeks meaningful opportunities to contribute to our professions and our neighborhoods.  Our Makers have been redefining the concept of work since our founding--quitting “day jobs” to pursue entrepreneurial dreams, nurturing side hustles while keeping day jobs, or working remotely for more conventional employers or clients.

Our membership includes more than 400 small business owners; 20% of our members reported starting their business after joining us. Most visibly, we lower the barriers to market entry by making tools, technology, and space more affordable than obtaining these resources individually.  Our network has real economic impact too: 40% shared that they had been hired by or had hired a fellow member for a project this year, while 30% shared that they’d received a referral from staff or fellow members that resulted in a paid gig.

Lifelong Learning

Adaptability and the relentless pursuit of new skills are the new advantage in today’s marketplace. As economic factors such as AI and automation continue to renegotiate the relationship we have with work, the future of work is both wrought with anxiety about uncertainty and with the potential to leverage new opportunities. We welcome about 250 students each month to our revolving class offerings that cover foundational concepts from design, entrepreneurship, programming, fabrication, and the safe operation of tools & technology.

Safe & Approachable

We meet Makers where they are-- at any experience level, and in welcoming anyone in the spirit of Making, whether their creativity manifests in the physical or digital world or in the innovation of new process or business practices. Our commitment to safety and encouraging beginners continues to be seen in investments in our spaces and the professionalization of our talented teaching staff.

Connection to Community

Tool & tech infrastructure aside, we aim to create a robust ecosystem where Makers can find meaningful support--find like-minded peers yet also learn more from people with vastly divergent interests; to be encouraged through the frustrations of learning new things, yet challenged to improve.  With member feedback, we’ll be piloting some additional channels to connect with each other in the coming months, but sometimes there’s no substitution for showing up and introducing yourself! If you haven’t already, learn more about connecting to fellow members at any of our MeetUps or our private Facebook group.

As always, my gratitude to all our members for being part of our mission!