New Bronze Casting Foundry

New Bronze Casting Foundry


Feb 6th, 2017

Our new propane gas-line driven bronze casting foundry reaches temps of more than 2000-degrees Fahrenheit. Complete with a burnout kiln to process lost-wax moulds, our casting crew now has the capacity to cast bronze in 60-pound increments. There's no limit on the size of finished creations--even life-sized pieces can be separated into segments and welded together. The casting team will be able to help every step of the way: if you can sculpt it, we can now cast it!

The casting team, led by bronze artist and local sculptor Gavin Bruce of Gavin Bruce Creative, has completed a number of preliminary test pours.  Gavin reported he's gotten some of the cleanest, best-resolution casts he's even done from the setup.  The team is tightening down safety protocol and we've invested in and continue to improve upon the specialized safety and personal protective equipment needs unique to the extreme temperatures of this medium. 

Gavin has been teaching at the Idea Foundry for over a year--his popular MIG welding fountain class has been a regularly sold-out offering.  Gavin is developing a suite of classes to support the bronze casting facility in line with his own process for developing bronze sculpture-- including digital sculpting, which Gavin uses to visualize and plan a sculpture before starting in clay, clay sculpting, mold making, and then bronze casting and finishing (clean up, and patina).  

The intro to bronze casting class is a multi-part overview of the basics of casting.  Repeat students who have completed the series can take the sessions again and work on their own project with the option to cast in bronze (additional materials fees will apply depending on things like size and complexity of individual projects). 

Check out the first run of the four-part Beginning Bronze Casting class here starting January 5th, 2017.

Lastly, artists and artisans who have work they would like to cast in bronze can commission the casting team to make it happen!  The casting team will be able to advise on mold making and prep and will run the bronze pour.  You can reach out to the casting team directly to discuss individual projects: