From Metal Shop to Mad Max

From Metal Shop to Mad Max


Feb 6th, 2017

Makerspaces are great resources for Makers of many creative disciplines--with all the tools and tech and creative folks, it's hard not to find something interesting.  But for one student, it was the sounds of the shop caught his hear.Walking into the shop these days, and you'll probably hear a veritable din of activity--from renovation construction, to the hum of tools, the laser exhaust, pounding of hand tools, the beat and grind of metal.  Music to a sound designer's ears. 

Sound design intern Bryan Glover, with CIF resident enterprise Multivarious Games, has been collecting foley sound effects for a capstone project at Capital University.  Foley refers to the collection of sound effects from everyday life for use in film and media.  Bryan worked with CIF instructors and metal artists Rachel Schutt and Gavin Bruce to collect sounds from our welding, metal, and foundry areas. His project will be replacing sounds for Mad Max-- our metallic shop noises seem like a great fit for that!

Bryan describes the Capital University project: 

"The large, overarching project is where my group of seven students performs the complete sound replacement for a 3-5 minute video clip. Part of this entails creating, recording and implementing all of our own sound effects and foley. The smaller project, which can bee seen almost as a part of the latter, is creating a professionally assembled sound library to work out of. This provides us with a great resource to work out of and keeps everything organized so it is easy to find. I wanted to record some things at the CIF because after spending some time here interning for MVG, I quickly realized how many cool things go on here and figured that the interesting sounds that pair with all these activities must be equally as diverse. We were extremely happy with the incredible sounds we got, as well as the incredible help we received. Some ideas we already had a plan for, and they turned out not at all like expected, others we recorded on the fly, and they wound up being something amazing. Overall it was just a really interesting experience, and it helped us get some really solid sounds!"

We'll be looking forward to catching some familiar shop sounds as his project progresses! You can find Bryan on Soundcloud