Making A Winter Wonderland

Making A Winter Wonderland

Kate Baldwin

Dec 19th, 2018

Holiday shopping has a whole new look these days.  What used to be family caravans to shopping centers for day-long adventures, are now a few quick hours online snatching up the best digital deals.

The glowing screens luring us all into the convenience of one-stop shopping may allow us to quickly wrap up our holiday needs, but what has happened to the magic of the shopping experience?

Well, I am here to tell you the magic never left, but maybe we forgot to look for it. It’s been hiding at your local mall! Eve Warnock and her team at OBLSK Inc. have created an engaging, interactive installation of finely crafted imagery at Polaris Fashion Place’s Santaville.  These are the experiences that you simply cannot find online.


Eve Warnock and her team at OBLSK Inc. have created a magic-filled winter scene at Polaris Fashion Place. A scene inspired by a new take on Santa Claus and holiday wonder.  Corridors filled with chandeliers of whimsical snow flurries, monochromatic forests of snow covered trees, and a relaxing den perfectly suited for the icon of the season to greet his guests, have filled the walkways of Polaris.

Eve and her team of artists, inventors, and designers, all active workshop members at the Idea Foundry, approached the entire process of taking on one of their largest commissions to date as a learning and growing opportunity.  


OBLSK was originally contacted by Polaris Fashion Place to discuss Projection Mapping as a single part of the mall’s larger holiday installation.  As conversations continued, this creative force of a team brainstormed a full-scale installation from top to bottom.  They knew it would be a huge undertaking, but they also knew the risk would be well worth it! Being confident in their creative abilities, the team of OBLSK Inc. was able to pitch and land a massive holiday contract.  Do not hesitate to share ALL of your abilities when talking to new clients. Eve has proven time and time again the importance of sharing your creative vision and asking, “But what if we did this, too!?”

Now when we say big….we mean big! This team created 25 ft chandelier with laser cut snowflakes, a 40 square foot interactive village out of baltic birch wood, a 10 ft x 20 ft hallway created all out of sustainable materials, and a shimmering forest built out of acoustic paneling. All of this draped in projection mapping of snow delicately falling from a source of pure mystery.

This project included collaboration across multiple teams, including Candle Lab, Studio Freight, Pixel Park, Idea Foundry, and Washington Prime Development Group.  At the Idea Foundry, OBLSK found not only physical resources but a support team of experienced Makers.

“They have been amazing in supplying equipment and community and skill. We could find out anything at the Idea Foundry. Any questions we had we could get it answered through the talents at the Idea Foundry. It’s a wealth of material study in knowledge and process on how to do things.” -Eve Warnock

Through this experience, the team at OBLSK grew and become more solid. As Eve shared, “We all learned a ton both with execution, communication, professionalism, self value and worth.”


As artists, you can have one vision while your client may see things is a very different way. Eve’s team works with perseverance, care, and integrity when tackling such large works.  They are focused as a company to have success and to create beautiful work. By surrounding their projects with an amazing team of artists with incredible talent and work ethic, OBLSK is able to maintain their high level of artistic vision.  

This installation engages the audience to look beyond the standard holiday story and seek out new curiosities in the space. It offers an immersive experience and transports you into the imagination. It is both stylish in design as well as accessible aesthetically to everyone. It shows how one can build something so large out of sustainable materials in a unique space.  This installation also excites everyone regardless of age through scale, technology and artistic expertise. Simply put this installation gets you ready for Christmas!
OBLSK’s reimagination of Santaville will be on display at Polaris Fashion Place located at 1500 Polaris Parkway , Columbus, OH 43240 through the holiday season, with Santa taking visitors through Dec. 24.