Maker Kids

Maker Kids

Rebecca Gimblett

Nov 17th, 2018

“Through structured play, our educational workshops integrate visual art with performance art to build character.” Super Art League Aim

I was that kid in class who would turn bright red if the teacher asked me a question, and I was a super nerd, so it wasn’t a fear of not knowing the answer but just a general feeling of unease at being the center of attention.

Speech and Drama was a class that I always hated - having to stand up in front of people and act was impossible. Because my negative reaction to it was so strong, I was never really pushed (and didn’t push myself!) to get through it until I found myself avoiding all situations where I might be called upon to speak in front of people.

As I got a little older, I got a little bit more comfortable, but still, being asked to present to a class was always a nightmare for me, even through college and especially through trying to perform at open mic nights; the anxiety was never worth it. It’s something I’ve always had to deal with and feel I’ve never quite gotten past.

So, when I sat down and read through the program of classes the Super Art League were proposing to teach with the Idea Foundry to children of all ages, I immediately thought, “This. This is EXACTLY what I needed!”


“We believe that focusing on self-confidence and leadership will help local youth be proud of what makes them super and see and treat others as an extension of themselves.”


The Super Art League is the brainchild of a three-person team of artists and teachers who want to bring joy and self-confidence to kids through art and performance. By asking “what’s your super?”, they want to emphasize that every single person is good at something and that that, in itself, is a superpower. Whether it’s dancing, cooking, hugging, running, giving thumbs up, every single child needs to know that they can be their own superhero. The Super Art League has been providing workshops for children for many years and already teach a full set of kid’s workshops at the Idea Foundry. They have recently partnered with us for a new set of kids’ workshops starting in January 2019 called the Maker Kids!


Each week will focus on a different art form; from clowning to 3D Sculpture, from art through recycling to art through storytelling! The Super Art League have reached out to a variety of local Columbus artists to teach ten different workshops to kids; there is something here for both five and fifteen-year-olds. Every class can be booked separately so that parents can choose with their children what they’d like to learn more about and which workshops they’d be most excited to take! Kids deserve the chance to get creative and be silly and learn from a young age that it’s ok to be different and to be proud of who they are. And we are proud that we can now offer these classes at the Idea Foundry for kids of all ages. Starting January 19th, we invite the makers of tomorrow to come to take over the Idea Foundry every Saturday with our kid-friendly workshops! Please see the list below to see the titles of our workshops and follow them to find out more!

FINALLY - I’ve already requested the exact same programming, but for adults, so if there’s anyone else out there like me, a shy kid at heart who wants to express themselves in new ways, watch this space!

Here are some upcoming classes!

 My Favorite Treehouse (Ages 7-12) -This Drawing class will allow your child to use their summertime imagination along with drawing techniques, art tools, and pencil exercises to create their very own treehouse. 

 Walk Like Yourself (Ages 7-12)- In this experiential workshop you will learn a basic clowning technique to find your walk. Learning how to amplify the qualities that make your walk unique is a metaphor for amplifying the qualities within yourself that make you Super. 

 Comics and Storytelling (Ages 13-17)- Teens will make their own comics and will discuss the details of good story-telling! 

 Turn 2D into 3D Sculpture (Ages 5-9) -Start your kids early on sculpture using oil pastels and cardboard to bring ideas to life!

 Adventures in Time Travel (Ages 8-12)- Use the magic of digital art and green screen technology to take a trip anywhere in space or time.

 Recycled Plastic Bag Art (All Ages)- Rather than allowing more plastic to end up in a landfill or wreak further havoc on the environment, raise your level of social conscience and demonstrate the art elements of line, shape and texture with this lesson in “green” art.

Optical Illusions - Eyes vs Brains(Ages 7-12)- This is a drawing class that will go into depth about the key artistic elements that make optical illusions possible so that we can learn to make our very own.

Turn 2D into 3D Sculpture (Ages 9-13)- Start your kids early on sculpture using oil pastels and cardboard to bring ideas to life!

Fiber Art Creations (Ages 5-9)- Make and decorate an animal friend or a pillow for your bedroom! Learn hand sewing and embroidery, or just have some fun with fabric and yarn

3D Wood Scenery Painting (Ages 5-15)- We will be painting pre-cut wood pieces then stack them on top of one another to make a 3D scenery painting

Who Are You? Portraits (All Ages)- Kids of all ages learn to look inside themselves and draw self-portraits!