Shock Dodgeball

Shock Dodgeball

Foundry Maker

Nov 11th, 2019

Louis Weisz asks the bold question, "have you ever felt like dodgeball isn’t painful enough? No, seriously -- have you?"

This Foundry Maker set out with the help of NASA Engineer Yoshin Govender, to create SHOCK DODGEBALL inspired by anime "Boku no Hero Academia"-- because dodgeball wasn't already painful enough for us nerds...

Arduino + open switch + conductive foam balls and BAM! Next level dodgeball. I am not sure what's more painful, the actual electric shock or the unlimited amount of self defacing humor it takes to endure shock after shock after shock for the sake of some Maker Mischief. Either way, we are happy to have him at the Idea Foundry and thoroughly enjoy the fresh take on this classic game.

Check out this short how-to video right here and the full shock dodgeball story on Weisz' channel.