Make Your Meeting More

Make Your Meeting More

Karla Ross

Dec 19th, 2018

Are your meeting attendees jaded and bored by the same old stale routine?  Would you like to engage with your team in a refreshing and meaningful way?  You are not alone.  Psychology Today suggests the way we have been structuring our meetings is based on an outdated understanding of how our brains work.  In fact, studies show only 5% of the people who attend a meeting will recall the figures and statistics discussed. Clearly, it’s time to have a discussion about how to improve meetings and their formats

75% of meeting planners say that their role involves more “experience creation” than it did just two or five years ago, according to findings in IACC’s recent "Meeting Room of the Future" report.  A quick internet search reveals dozens of suggestions for unique formats and value-added programming which allows companies to not just achieve meeting objectives, but to emotionally connect with their audience and create lasting personal memories.

Organizing an impactful gathering can be daunting and require much more time and effort than you might have.  This is where the Idea Foundry comes in. We are a multi-purpose facility (and the largest maker space in the world).  Our Ground floor is filled with tools and machinery used by members and staff to build a range of items. For example, you’ll find work areas with 3D printers, lasers, lathes, metalworking, woodworking, blacksmithing, & welding equipment.

Our second floor consists of individual offices, open co-working space, and meeting or event space.  The community we’ve built here is highly collaborative, entrepreneurial and engaged in cutting-edge development.  Unlike other venues, we are in a unique position to share our knowledge and introduce new skill sets to our guests

The addition of experience-driven programming is a refreshing asset which will capture your audience’s attention and provoke new conversations.  Let’s say your company wants to host a meeting followed by a unique activity. Our staff will work with you to customize options available for the amount of time your group has, the size of the group, and the budget you are working with.  Decide between a simple tour, a guest speaker, or both. Should there be demonstrations during the tour? Would your attendees like to put their hands on a tool or even create a physical takeaway which would serve as a reminder of the concepts discussed during your gathering?

Here are examples of introductory programming our clients have recently enjoyed:

  • Solder stained glass suncatcher
  • Laser print & cut a keychain from wood or acrylic
  • Lathe turn an executive wood pen
  • Create a coat hook or bottle opener from metal
  • Screen print a tote bag with company logo
  • Make bar soap after creating a vacuum formed mold
  • Experience Virtual reality technology
  • Metal stamp a gift tag or pendant
  • Participate in a live podcast
  • Recycle & cut a glass bottle to repurpose as a planter

Will your guests all have the same experience or split up and explore multiple disciplines?  Do they have an hour? Two? Four? One thing is for sure...when you partner with The Idea Foundry, your guests will be thrilled and surprised by the beautiful space and unique programming they encounter.  We encourage you to relocate your strategizing out of the stale boardroom and into an exciting creative community. Watch how tasking people to build something together can challenge their perspectives and strengthen their team relationship.  Make your meeting or event Instagram-worthy to keep the content you present fresh in their minds.

See more of our space and learn about hosting your own event at the Idea Foundry or check out are publicly available Classes + Events.