Idea Foundry Tips & Tricks

Idea Foundry Tips & Tricks

Luke Howard

Oct 25th, 2018

Bandsaw blades wear out with use like any other blade in the wood shop, but changing out the blade can be intimidating. This video to will show you how easy it is to replace an old blade.

It is easy to tell when a bandsaw blade is dull by assessing a few things. First, look at the bandsaw teeth. If they are rounded over, and not sharp, then they are too dull. Another way to know your bandsaw blade is dull is by how it cuts. A dull blade means you have to force your material into the blade while a sharp blade will cut your material with ease. A dull blade will also cause major burning on your material when cutting. Forcing your material across the blad and prevalent burn marks are two telltale signs that the blade is too dull for use.

Unplug the bandsaw!

Reduced the tension of the top flywheel by lowering it with the fastener located at the top of the machine. This allows you to remove the dull blade.
Once the blade is removed, make sure that the new blade’s teeth are facing downward, and slid it into the machine around both flywheels. 

Raise the top flywheel to tighten the tension of the new blade by following the tension scale located on the back of the machine. 

Once the new blade is on, orient the flywheel so that the blade's teeth are perfectly in the middle of the wheel. This ensures that the blade will cut straight. Finally, close the covers, plug the machine back in, and you're ready to cut.

This is a service we provide at the foundry, but knowing more about how to change a bandsaw blade gives anyone more insight into how the machine works.



Original content by Luke Howard, edited by Callie King.