Group Builds

Group Builds

IF Admin

Jan 8th, 2020

These dates are open/brainstorming sessions to kick off the project, and then members who want to work on the project team will self-organize follow up sessions. Please check out the Events section in this group page to RSVP!


Project 1
Lobby Revamp

A number of members have expressed interest in turning the lobby into a "display & gift shop" experience beyond just a spot to wait, and some members would like to be able to sell small merch. What furniture can be re-purposed, what needs built, how can we better showcase what you can MAKE in classes, how can we secure merch from member vendors. Let's figure it out!

Opening session, Jan 12, 1-3pm.


Project 2
"Periodic" Directory

So we know we have Cobot which serves as a member directory (for those who choose to make info available to members) but member feedback has suggested a desire for a more tactile, visual directory in our space.

The details are all up for discussion! Let's make a visually cool lit up and lasered setup that showcases what people do with our Maker spin! (having your info on the directory will be voluntary opt-in!)

The opening session, Jan 26, 1-3pm