Classes This Week

Classes This Week

Callie King

Nov 30th, 2018

Whether you are looking for personal enrichment, skill building or a unique experience the Idea Foundry has plenty of options. Rekindle your curiosity, learn more about something that sparks your interest, or check out a new subject you know nothing about (yet). Our calendar is full of new experiences.



Beginner Web Development: Learn the fundamentals of web development in this beginner class while learning the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and PHP.

Woodworking: Cherry Planter: Make your own wooden planter box to showcase your flowers in this introductory class!


Jewelry Room Orientation A - Bench Tools: This Jewelry 101 class will teach you the basics required to use our jewelry bench and bench tools!

Woodshop Orientation A: Learn by doing in this hands-on intro class and get cleared to use the Table Saw, Miter Saw, Jointer, and Planer!


Intermediate Sewing - Shop Apron: Learn to construct a durable apron suitable for use in the shop while learning to fit a general pattern to your body with this unique apron made from re-purposed jean materials!

Welding and Plasma Cutting: Horseshoe Christmas Tree: In this class, students will plasma cut, angle grind, and weld horseshoes to create a fun holiday tree!

Woodshop Orientation B: In this beginner class, you'll learn how to utilize some of the most popular woodworking tools in any woodshop: Band Saw, Router Table, Sanding Stations, and Drill Press.

Create A Website In A Day: Build a functional 3-page website from scratch with tips and tricks on how to make it succeed!


Sheet Metal Orientation: Learn how to use multiple tools in the metal shop while making a tool caddy in this introductory class!

Woodworking: Festive Cutting Board: Make a holiday-themed cutting board using hardwoods of your choice!


Beginner Wood Carving: Moving Parts: Learn to take a block of wood and turn it into a woodcarving with moving parts!

Welding and Plasma Cutting: Yard Art: Take this class and bring home a fun and creative metal flower!


Parent and Child Ornament Turning: Turn 3 wooden ornaments with your child in this cute holiday-themed 5-hour class!


3D Modeling Software: Blender: Use Blender 3D modeling software to create your own model that is ready to 3D Print in this digital design class!

Fine Art: Open Studio: Work on your own masterpiece under the guidance of an instructor. All materials included!

Parent and Child Ornament Turning: Turn 3 wooden ornaments with your child in this cute holiday-themed 5-hour class!