Classes on the CNC ShopBot

Classes on the CNC ShopBot

Rebecca Gimblett

Oct 31st, 2018

One of the most frequent and lucrative uses of the ShopBot CNC is to make signs. Whether for business or personal use, it's common to see a wide selection of custom crafted signs on Pinterest, Etsy, and other small business websites.

The ShopBot CNC is a perfect tool for this type of task. It can minimize the immense effort and huge time commitment of hand-carved detail. All it takes is a bit of hardware and software know-how – which we offer!

We currently have two ShopBot CNC classes available. The first class is a tool orientation taught by Idea Foundry Staff Instructor, Luke Howard. This class covers the software program, V Carve, and how to build your ShopBot File.

Our second class is a hands-on experience where students review their knowledge from orientation and make their own personalized file to carve into a piece of melamine wood. Sally Doyle, who teaches this class, has structured this experience to focus on a project practical for real-world use and small businesses. Taking inspiration from online sources, she has developed the curriculum for students to make their own signs from start to finish.

Class starts with customizable templates on V Carve. Students get hands-on experience using the CNC machine, learning how to secure their pieces, change drill bits and run their files. Finally, students will finish their wooden signs for a professional quality product.

Sally gives an all-inclusive experience that will teach beginners the ins and outs of creating a functional wooden sign on the ShopBot CNC. We also offer finishing kits for sale at the Idea Foundry that provide everything you need to seal or complete your sign for indoor or outdoor use.

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