Women's Beginner Woodworking: Basic Powertools

Women's Beginner Woodworking: Basic Powertools

Want to learn how to safely use some basic tools around the woodshop for projects or home improvement? Look no further than this student Q&A lead class!

Learn basic operating skills and safety for the miter saw, table saw, hand drill, jigsaw, and palm sander, and how to glue wood. Most beginner to intermediate wood projects use these basic tools. The goal is to be able to start making your own projects using the skills learned in this low-pressure class environment. Turn the projects you see on DIY sites into projects you can build yourself.

This is not an orientation on the tools and this class does not authorize you to use the woodshop on your own as a member. If you are looking for woodshop clearance, you must complete both Woodshop Orientation A and Woodshop Orientation B to be authorized for woodshop use.


Idea Foundry Member - $75

Non Member - $90

Upcoming Dates

  • JANUARY 10 | 6:30-9:30PM (4 Spots Left)
  • FEBRUARY 5 | 6:30-9:30PM (4 Spots Left)