Hosted by the Idea Foundry and TEDxColumbus, Join us for bi-monthly talks on Technology, Education, and Design. This series will feature Makers of all kinds, including Idea Foundry innovators and some of Columbus' brightest. 

Our first speakers are discussing the transition of work in today's environment where technology and skilled trades are both in high demand.

Evelyn Van Til- is a community Director for Tech Talent South and has helped many people transition into brand new tech careers. Her specialty is connecting people to educational resources and forging relationships with industry, tech and startup leaders, recruiters, educators, and community members to grow outcomes in Central Ohio.

Adlai Stein- has been a long time Idea Foundry instructor and recently opened his own blacksmithing school, Central Ohio School of Metalwork. His journey from law office to full-time blacksmith and educator has had many challenges. For him, the "transition in work" is not only about the skills gap and connecting students with trade knowledge but also about his personal transition; making his passion his career.

  • The Discussion: You are invited to actively participate in this event. Attendees will have opportunities to meet each other and interact with the presenter. While there might be lessons to learn, this is a discussion, not a class.
  • The Content: We elect the best candidates possible to offer you their insights on local topics meaningful to our community. 
  • The People: There is no better place to connect with open-minded individuals seeking knowledge, conversation, and collaboration. You never know what bright mind you'll meet at a TEDxColumbsSalon event!

Ticket Info:

Tickets are one order per person.

Non-Idea Foundry Member- $10.00 Admission online or at the door

Idea Foundry Member- Admission included with membership

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Upcoming Dates

  • FEBRUARY 21 | 6:30-8PM