Skill Builder: Miter & Spline Joinery II - Box

Skill Builder: Miter & Spline Joinery II - Box

In this two evening class, you will get an opportunity to develop your wood shop skills and use the tools in the shop to create a truly functional work of art in wood! Some recent experience with woodworking projects is required.

Joinery is a fundamental skill in woodworking that involves using different methods to join pieces of wood together to build more complex items. It is the essential part of many simple projects like boxes and picture frames as well as more advanced projects such as cabinetry and furniture making.

Skills Toolbox

  • How to make precision miter and splined joints on the table saw

  • How to use the router table for joinery

  • Construction of simple jigs for creating repeatable results

  • Confidence to take on the next joinery project you have in mind

Pairs Well With

Pair this with our Orientation: Trotec Laser Cutter and Engraver class, and add that custom engraved touch to any of your woodworking projects.

Plan Your Visit

All materials and safety equipment supplied.  Closed-toed shoes, natural fibers (cotton, denim, linen), with long hair pulled back. Plan to arrive for class about 10-15 min early and check in at the front desk. Our main entrance is on State Street, with parking lot entrance on State St. as well. IF parking and street parking available.

This class is held on two consecutive nights with the date you are registering for being the first night and the second evening is the following night.


Idea Foundry Member - $145

Non Member - $160

Upcoming Dates

  • APRIL 22 | 6:30PM
  • MAY 27 | 6:30PM
  • JUNE 24 | 6:30PM
  • JULY 22 | 6:30PM
  • AUGUST 26 | 6:30PM
  • SEPTEMBER 23 | 6:30PM
  • OCTOBER 28 | 6:30PM
  • NOVEMBER 25 | 6:30PM
  • DECEMBER 23 | 6:30PM
  • JANUARY 27 | 6:30PM
  • FEBRUARY 24 | 6:30PM
  • MARCH 23 | 6:30PM
  • APRIL 27 | 6:30PM
  • MAY 25 | 6:30PM
  • JUNE 22 | 6:30PM
  • JULY 27 | 6:30PM
  • AUGUST 24 | 6:30PM
  • SEPTEMBER 28 | 6:30PM