ShopBot Orientation (Intro to CNC)

ShopBot Orientation (Intro to CNC)

Level: Orientation and Tool Clearance

Learn the basics of using our ShopBot CnC router. We’ll create a simple digital shape, take that design into the program that creates the tool paths, and then cut that design out on our ShopBot.

The ShopBot can cut on three axis (X-96” and Y-48” axes) and moves it up and down as well (Z-6” axis) allowing it to make 2.5 and 3-D cuts in a variety of materials, hardwood, plywood, MDF, plastics, foams, thin aluminum, Corian and other composites. Create virtually any pattern or shape from a vector graphic.

We'll cover basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  This is a beginner-friendly class, and no experience is necessary. We’ll spend the first half of the lesson in the class room learning a couple different ways to create the shape and the associated tool paths. The last half of class will be how to actually take the ‘part’ file and cut it out on our ShopBot CnC machine:  properly attaching the material to the work surface, how to ‘zero’ the machine, and finally how to cut the shape out.

Members who participate in this class are permitted to rent time on the ShopBot for their own projects, to create signage, furniture, art, positive MDF masters for sand-casting, positive foam masters for lost foam casting, negative masters for pewter casting, and much more.


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