Prospective Instructor Info Session

Prospective Instructor Info Session

Lead by Nicole Coleman, Programming Coordinator
Have a Maker skill to share with our creative & curious community? We're always looking for fresh talent to add to our pool of awesome instructors.
We have a number of ways to be involved--teach a recurring class, special workshop, guest lecture, family and date night event.
Our Makers are interested in creative, educational experiences that range from working with physical tools to digital technology, from fine to functional arts, small business resources from accounting to marketing, to general life hacking.
Check out our website for current class offerings to get an idea of what we're presently offering. Have something totally different? Pitch it. We've hosted guest lectures on carbon nano-tubes and space elevators to coffee brewing methods.

Sign up for a session if you'd like more information in Q&A format. Sessions should take about one hour. 
Please be sure to note whether the time slot you choose is IN PERSON (6:30p) or ONLINE (11a)

ONLINE INFO SESSION STREAM: You will find the LIVE Stream in our CIF Instructor Facebook Group (Open to the public).

August 10th at 6:30p (IN PERSON)

August 17th at 11a (Online)

September 6th at 11a (Online)

September 11th at 6:30p (IN PERSON)

October 12th at 6:30p (IN PERSON)

October 18th at 11a (Online)

November 9th at 6:30p (IN PERSON)

November 15th at 11a (Online)

December 6th at 11a (Online)

December 7th at 6:30p (IN PERSON)

Ready to pitch a class for review? Feel free to submit your class proposal through our . You can also email Nicole, Programming Coordinator, at

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Upcoming Dates

  • OCTOBER 12 | 6:30PM
  • OCTOBER 18 | 11AM
  • NOVEMBER 9 | 5:30PM
  • NOVEMBER 15 | 10AM
  • DECEMBER 6 | 10AM
  • DECEMBER 7 | 5:30PM