Photography: Camera Techniques and Skills

Photography: Camera Techniques and Skills

Take your camera skills to the next level!

Please bring your digital camera - this is a hands on class!

Refine your focus skills and your understanding of theexposure triangle. Discover why your lens choice is so important. Learn more about the technical side of creating photos. Be ready to go in-depth with the technical and hone your technique.

In this Camera Techniques and Skills course, you will complete hands-on activities to review all of the skills in the Camera Crash Course to continue creating photos with intention! We'll move beyond the basics to learn about the technical details of white balance, the histogram, photo metadata, and metering modes. 

You'll learn about lenses and how your choice affects your photo (if you have a zoom lens, please bring it!). Towards the end of the course, we'll experiment with overall photography technique to make your photos better. If you've had your camera for a while and want to learn the next level of photography knowledge, then this class is for you too!

Anyone taking this course should be familiar with how to focus the camera and how to manipulate the exposure triangle in manual mode. But you don't need to be a pro! Just be familiar and ready to learn.

Please bring a paper or PDF copy of your camera's manual and your camera. And make sure to fully charge your camera battery! 

This is a hands-on class. This class is designed for a camera that has full manual mode. Most cameras with full manual mode also have the ability to change lenses. If you are not sure if your camera is right for this class, please email the instructor, Aaron, at


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Aaron Taylor is both a photographer and a school teacher. He operates Aaron Taylor Photography, LLC and has taught professionally for many years. His work can be seen at

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  • FEBRUARY 9 | 10:30-12:30PM (5 Spots Left)