Orientation: Trotec Laser Cutter and Engraver

Orientation: Trotec Laser Cutter and Engraver

Get started on our 120-watt Trotec laser, a versatile tool for cutting materials like wood, acrylic, fabric, papers and cardboards, and engraving materials such as wood, acrylic, metals, and glass. From prototyping flat-pack furniture, custom glassware or logo-emblazoned swag, to incredibly detailed art and jewelry, the laser is as instant gratification as you can get in fabrication.

InstructorLuke Howard

Great For 

Skills Toolbox

  • How to set up raster and vector files for the laser effect desired

  • How to set up and run the machine.

  • How to go through the full process of laser cutting and engraving plastic and wood.

  • Advanced options for marking metals such as anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel discussed

Tool Clearances

  •  Our Trotec laser

(Idea Foundry workshop members who have taken this class are cleared for independent use of these tools in the shop. Learn more about membership here.)

Pairs Well With

Ready to tackle another dimension with the laser? Learn how to use the rotary attachment to do cylindrical objects like custom glasses in the Intermediate Laser: Rotary Etching.

Plan Your Visit

All materials and safety equipment supplied.  Students are required to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants to participate, and sturdy footwear (e.g. tennis shoes or boots) is recommended. Plan to arrive for class about 10-15 min early and check in at the front desk.  Our main entrance is on State Street, with parking lot entrance on State St. as well. IF parking and street parking available.


Idea Foundry Member - $44

Non Member - $66

Upcoming Dates

  • MARCH 7 | 6-9PM (1 Spots Left)
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  • APRIL 4 | 6-9PM (5 Spots Left)
  • APRIL 18 | 6-9PM (5 Spots Left)