Mold Making & Resin Casting

Mold Making & Resin Casting

Learn the basics of silicone mold making and resin casting including materials, curing, tools, terminology, and mold types while making a statuette.

Introduction to RTV silicone mold making and resin casting. Make a one piece open pour cup mold of a 4 inch seated Confucius statuette and produce a resin copy.

In this class you will learn:

  • Introduction to mold making materials and suppliers
  • Tin cure vs Platinum cure rubbers
  • Types of resin
  • Basic recommended tools to get started
  • Terminology
  • Considerations when making molds, undercuts, material selection, casting method.
  • Tips for producing good molds & casting

Make / Hands on:

  • Constructing the "mold box"​Mixing and pouring the mold
  • Cutting the mold or easy de-molding
  • Mixing and pouring resin & de-molding


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Non-member: $75

Upcoming Dates

  • NOVEMBER 18 | 12-3PM