Milling Machine Orientation: Clip

Milling Machine Orientation: Clip

Create your own machine-milled decorative clip in this introductory vertical mill class!

In this class, you will learn the basics of metal machining using a vertical mill. You will create a functional and beautiful carbon steel clip starting from a simple bar using several different machining techniques and methods. The clip will be yours to take home and keep as an example of the skills you have learned.

This class requires no previous experience in machining, although previous work in woodworking or Shopbot operation is helpful.  This is a foundation class that will help you understand the fundamentals of machining and how you can use the mill to make incredibly sturdy, beautiful and functional pieces out of materials like steel, brass, aluminum, and even plastics. All the tools and materials you will need are included. 

This class will clear students on the two smaller mills in the metal shop. The MV-44 mill is not cleared through this class. There is an advanced orientation on this machine. 

What to wear:

For safety, this class will require close-toed shoes and clothing with coarse material such as denim or cotton is recommended. Long sleeves will need to be rolled up, and all loose-fitting clothing or long hair will need to be pulled back or constrained.


Idea Foundry Member - $65

Non Member - $80

Karsten has been machining at the Idea Foundry for several years. He has machined a range of things from custom motorcycle parts to an entire Stirling engine from scratch. In addition, he specializes in custom design and fabrication using computer controlled tools such as the laser cutter and Shopbot.

Upcoming Dates

  • DECEMBER 19 | 6PM
  • JANUARY 4 | 6PM
  • JANUARY 22 | 6PM
  • MARCH 5 | 6PM
  • MARCH 29 | 6PM