Maker Kids: Optical Illusions (Ages 5 -15)

Maker Kids: Optical Illusions (Ages 5 -15)

This is a drawing class that will go into depth about the key artistic elements that make optical illusions possible so that we can learn to make our very own.

Please see note below.

An exploration of the ways that shapes, patterns, shading, color contrast, and perspective affect our perception of images, and how to reverse engineer your brain to trick itself into seeing the impossible using these drawing techniques.

Through structured play, our educational workshops integrate visual art, hands-on art, and performance art to build character.
We believe that focusing on self-confidence and leadership will help local youth be proud of what makes them super and see and treat others as an extension of themselves.


Parents do not need to stay for the duration of the class. You are welcome to wait in the lobby or return at the conclusion of the class. 


Parent is an Idea Foundry Member - $30 per child

Parent is a Non Member - $40 per child

Upcoming Dates

  • MARCH 30 | 2-4PM (20 Spots Left)