Jewelry Making: Anodized Earrings

Jewelry Making: Anodized Earrings

Learn how to anodize a pair of niobium earrings in this introduction to colorizing metals!

This class is an introduction to anodizing niobium and titanium for jewelry. Anodizing is an electrolytic process that builds an oxide layer on the surface of a metal. Anodizing niobium and titanium produces a range of attractive colors without dyes or paints. These colored metals can be made into unique jewelry. You will learn how to anodize niobium and titanium safely and then make a pair of niobium earrings or pendants.


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Joe Calabrese, B. A. in Studio Art from SUNY at Albany, Ph.D. in Physics from Ohio State. I was a professor at the Columbus Campus of DeVry University for 18 years where I taught electronics, algebra, calculus, and physics. Now retired, I spent my time making and selling niobium and titanium jewelry. I also teach a class on soldering electronics at the Idea Foundry.

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