Beginner Wood Carving: Moving Parts - Caged Ball

Beginner Wood Carving: Moving Parts - Caged Ball

Take a solid block of wood and carve it into a free-moving marvel while learning basic chisel techniques.
Apprehensive about trying those old “whittlin' tricks"? Don't be! In this class, students will learn to carve a free-moving caged ball from a single block of wood.
In the process, we’ll practice basic carving techniques and principles, and discuss safety, sharpening, planning, design traditions, and more skills that can be applied across a wide variety of carving projects. We’ll mostly use an 8mm #5 gouge, or an 8mm skew chisel for this project, but a few other common tools will be available to try, as well. Reference materials and wood blanks will be provided. Most students at least get their caged ball freed, and begin refining during the class session. Some may also begin additional decoration.
Note – this one day class can be rather arduous for many beginning carvers, so it includes a one hour break.

What to wear:

Wearing a cut resistant glove is highly recommended, feel free to bring your own or the instructor will have some.


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Laura earned her BFA from Capital University, with a focus in figure painting. In 2006, she was captivated by the Welsh Lovespoon tradition, and was inspired to teach herself to carve, and is now widely recognized among spoon carvers for her distinctly delicate, refined style of traditional Welsh Lovespoons. More info

Upcoming Dates

  • JANUARY 27 | 12-7PM (5 Spots Left)