"A makerspace is a breathing ecosystem" - Casey McCarty

"A makerspace is a breathing ecosystem" - Casey McCarty

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May 2nd, 2018

Idea Foundry CEO Casey McCarty (then COO at the time of the article) was recently featured in Diamond Cellar Accent Magazine talking about her love for problem-solving and her dedication to growing the Idea Foundry ecosystem. The Idea Foundry has come a long way as one of the world's largest Makerspaces with classrooms, working nooks, event space, and hundreds of makers. Armed with education, a passion for puzzles and big ambitions McCarty helped grow the Idea Foundry "from a place without real money for salaries into one attracting serious investors- and national media attention." - Accent Magazine 

When asked about her motivations and the big "why" behind her work McCarty explained, "The amazing thing about a Makerspace is that it's a breathing ecosystem... Our community is always evolving, and each incarnation requires slightly different leadership. Like any ecosystem, you can steward and influence, but there's no perfect control-- it's a fresh new set of puzzles and opportunities." The flow of new challenges and reward of seeing Idea Foundry small business owners succeed is what drives McCarty to push her company to the next level and continue her own maker education. "We have touched so many local entrepreneurs and small business owners, and I love to see the ripple effect of those people being successful in our community."

McCarty's affinity for knowledge is clear not only in her work at the Foundry but in the rest of her life as well. She quotes her grandfather, a jazz musician-turned-entrepreneur's advice "If you're always the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong rooms." It's a challenge to continually improve and face the never-ending pursuit of knowledge. The Idea Foundry, with help from McCarty's leadership, is a space that accepts that challenge head-on and encourages makers of all kinds to put themselves in the right rooms. McCarty fits right in with other Foundry artists, techies, and entrepreneurs that see a challenge as a new puzzle and fresh opportunity. 

Hear more directly from McCarty on sustainability and long-term growth opportunities at the Idea Foundry like growing brand reach beyond Columbus, and embracing the role of Makerspaces in the future of work.

Read the full article here from Diamond Cellar Accent Magazine or Learn more about Casey via LinkedIn.