Skill Builder: Wood Glue-Up Joinery

Skill Builder: Wood Glue-Up Joinery

Gluing boards together is one of the simple forms of joinery and a skill you'll likely encounter in many woodworking projects.  It seems almost too easy, but once the glue is set--there's no turning back, and errors in this foundation will set up your project for failure.

This class will start with rough-sawn wood and will include the process of preparing the wood for glue-up.  Students will learn gluing, clamping, set-up times, and preparing the glued-up wood for finishing.  

Tools used in this skill builder class:  table saw, chop saw, jointer, planer, biscuit joiner, belt sander, and hand tools.

Filters: Ages 16+

Upcoming Dates

  • MAY 23 | 6:30-9:30PM (2 Spots Left)