Skill Builder: Tool & Blade Sharpening

Skill Builder: Tool & Blade Sharpening

In this class, students will learn how to affordably profile and sharpen cutting instruments with "scary sharp" sandpaper/plate glass as opposed to commonly used oil and water stones.

The class starts with a brief lecture on cutting theory, blade design, care/use, matching cutting angles with materials and use.  We'll start with sharpening using wet/dry sandpaper on float plate glass (an inexpensive and effective way to sharpen).  To complete, we'll move on to powered sharpening using belt sanders and bench grinders.

In the last 1/2 hour of the class, students are free to sharpen additional items or learn specialized sharpening techniques for chainsaw chain, garden/landscaping tools, paint scrapers, carving tools for wood/stone/leather, woodworking chisels or mower blades.


I am an IF member: $65

Non-member: $80

Upcoming Dates

  • SEPTEMBER 19 | 6PM