From log to Bowl: Intro to Bowlturning

From log to Bowl: Intro to Bowlturning

Skill level: Intermediate

In this course, students will learn how to turn a small wooden bowl and a natural edge bowl in the from green wood. In this full day session, they'll go through the process of selecting, preparing, and mounting the wood on the lathe, discuss tool selection/use and sharpening, shaping/turning of the outside/inside, sanding/finishing and drying of green wood.

Tools:  Not required, but feel free bring if you have: Roughing, Spindle & Bowl Gouges, Paring Tool, Scraper & Skew. Otherwise, these tools are provided in the classroom.


I am an IF member: $130

Non-member: $155

After taking the orientation, current CIF Members are eligible to use the CIF lathes for their own use.

Upcoming Dates

  • SEPTEMBER 23 | 9AM