Intro to Screenprinting T-Shirts

Intro to Screenprinting T-Shirts

Instructor: Jess Hinshaw (Upright Press)

Print your own shirts! Learn the basics of screen printing and print your design on your shirts. Each student should bring 6 shirts: You can keep all 6 or trade with other classmates! Please see the guidelines for shirts below.

In the class you will:
- learn the tools for printing
- discuss how a screen is created for printing
- learn how to register a screen
- learn how to pull a squeegee for printing
- learn how to cure your shirt after printing
- leave with 6 shirts of your own
- leave with film positives to make your own screen

The class will take 2-3 hours. The ink we will use for the class is permanent, so be sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty! You'll be printing your own artwork. Preparing your artwork can be a bit tricky, but I'm here to help if you have any questions. In order to have everything ready I'll need finished the artwork no later than March 8th. That means if you have any questions about preparing it you'll need to get it to me a few days before that!

Artwork Guidelines:
- size should be 8"x8" or smaller
- digital file must be 300 dpi or vector based
- file must be a one color image
- please email your file to

Shirt guidelines:

- bring up to 6 shirts with you, shirts will not be available for sale onsite
- bring only light colored shirts: white, light blue, light pink, etc. Dark colors will not work for this class
- bring all the same cut of shirt: all crewneck, all v-neck, etc. A mixture of cuts will not work for this class
- hoodies and garments with zippers will not work with this class.

Upcoming Dates

  • JUNE 7 | 6:30-9:30PM (3 Spots Left)
  • SEPTEMBER 14 | 6:30-9:30PM (6 Spots Left)