Intro to 3D Scanning and Digital Sculpting

Intro to 3D Scanning and Digital Sculpting

in Bruce

Welcome to the Future of 3D imaging made possible by Knockout Concept's latest digital scanner.  The KS-1 is a mobile 3D handheld scanner that acquires digital scans with real-time point and shoot technology.  You will use this devise to create a digital file that will import directly into a digital sculpting program.

Sculptris is an impressive free-to-download digitalsculpting program than can create 3D printable (.obj) meshes. This class will introduce how to utilize thisprogram to sculpt and manipulate objects with a hands-on approach. Topics include using the programs brushes andtools, loading and saving projects, and how to work directly from importedreference images. Cheat sheets will behanded out for reference. Option tobring your own drawing tablet or computer with Sculptris Installed.  A mouse or tablet is highly recommended.

What You'll Make

  • You will create a 3D digital image using Knockout Concepts latest digital scanner.
  • You will make changes to you scanned image with Sculptris and save your creation as a 3D printable (obj) mesh

You may bring your own laptop with an external mouse (you will NOT have a great experience trying to use your touchpad alone for this design software) and Sculptris pre-installed OR you may use one of our laptop computers with Sculptris pre-installed. There may be slight variations between Mac or Windows versions of Sculptris.

If bringing your own laptop, please install Sculptris before class by visiting:

Class Fees:

Member, $55

Non-Member, $65

About the Instructor:

Gavin Bruce is a professional sculptor whose work is seen by more than 2.5 million people each year. He has proven his ability to sculpt the human figure with permanent bronze sculptures located at places like Kings Island Amusement Park and the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphanage Home in Xenia, Ohio. Gavin's sculpting process includes sketching in digital sculpting software, sculpting in oil based clay, mold making, and pouring his own bronze sculptures.

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  • MAY 19 | 6:30PM