Intro to 3D Printing - Lulzbot TAZ

Intro to 3D Printing - Lulzbot TAZ

  • Learn the basics of a 3D printer and how the Lulzbot TAZ is unique.
  • Download and setup the software used to design and print a 3D model
  • Learn to import your own designs for printing or find free models to remix
  • Understand how to avoid design limitations in 3D printing such as overhangs
  • Create a pre-print checklist to make sure the printer is ready for use

  • Learn about different materials and filaments you can use for your projects

Once members have safely completed this course, they will be certified to schedule time on the Idea Foundry 3D printer for personal printing during normal shop hours at the current per hour rate.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop and 3-button mouse for the best experience. Please RSVP if you would like to borrow our equipment for the class.

About the Instructor

Kris Kling has taught emerging technologies in local schools for years with a focus on teaching students how to use technology to enhance their learning. With a background in design, engineering, and a spotlight on the learning process, Kris is excited to help each student discover how these technologies can solve their problems and create new ideas.

Filters: Age 14+

Upcoming Dates

  • MAY 8 | 6:30PM