Create How-To Videos for Youtube

Create How-To Videos for Youtube

BTYAges 16+


May 13 & May 20 1-3pm

We’ve all used Youtube videos to help us with a problem or skill, so now it’s your turn to contribute your knowledge for others to learn. In this class, we will film, edit, and post a How-To video on Youtube using free software. 

The first lesson will cover the setup, theory, and organization of your Youtube channel and first video. We will practice filming and learn how to get the best picture, lighting, and audio so your video looks and feels accomplished.

 In the second part of the class, we will learn how to edit your raw footage and add transitions, titles, and music to complete the video. Finally, we will upload the project and learn how to monetize and promote your video for others to see!

What to Bring:

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop, smartphone or camera for the best experience. If you need to borrow one of our laptops, please reserve one below. 

Bring your own camera--smartphone, DSLR, GoPro, etc.

Download/install Blender (available free here

About the Instructor

Kris Kling has taught emerging technologies in local schools for years with a focus on teaching students how to use technology to enhance their learning. With a background in design, engineering, and a spotlight on the learning process, Kris is excited to help each student discover how these technologies can solve their problems and create new ideas.

Class Fees:

Member ($120)

Non-Member ($95)

Filters: Ages 16+

Upcoming Dates

  • MAY 13 | 1PM